#1 Patient-Centered Therapy-Management Software

TherigySTM—the #1 patient-centered therapy-management software—enables you to consistently deliver high standards of care to all of your patients, through ready-to-use care plans and assessments based on the latest clinical evidence and best practices.

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Manage your entire patient care workflow with a single, therapy-management system.

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Deliver consistent care standards to all your patients across 23+ disease states.

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Automatically analyze and report clinical data to quantify the value of your clinical programs.

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Streamline the accreditation process for URAC and other accrediting agencies.

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Manage Your Entire Patient Care Workflow

TherigySTM is the only comprehensive, patient-centered therapy-management solution that integrates end-to-end—from onboarding to reporting—with all leading dispensing systems and other key clinical software, streamlining the management of such core functions as:


  • Benefits investigations and prior authorization
  • Patient onboarding
  • Clinical assessments
  • Patient care plan activities
  • Clinical interventions
  • Dispensing activities
  • Reporting
  • Accreditation
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Provide Consistent, High-Quality Care to All of Your Patients

TherigySTM—the #1 patient-centered therapy-management software—enables you to consistently deliver high standards of care to all of your patients through its ready-to-use care plans and assessments, all based on the very latest clinical evidence and best practices.


  • Covers a growing list of 20+ specialty disease states
  • Includes 900+ assessments, supporting 400+ medications
  • Increases efficiency and streamlines pharmacy operations
  • Provide just-in-time therapeutic interventions
  • Helps you to measure, manage, and improve patient adherence
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Quantify the Value of Your Clinical Programs

TherigySTM automatically analyzes, reports, and consistently maintains all relevant clinical and patient data—over time, across patients, across diseases, and across facilities—enabling you to:

  • Quantify the value and efficacy of specialty therapies and clinical programs
  • Measure outcomes at both the medication- and disease-state level
  • Start collecting and analyzing real-world therapeutic evidence
  • Design and implement quality-improvement initiatives
  • Generate reports on financial, clinical, quality-of-life, and patient satisfaction outcomes
  • Prove your value to payers, pharma companies, and accrediting agencies
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Streamline the URAC Accreditation Process

Because Therigy manages the entire patient care workflow from end to end, TherigySTM guides you along the patient-related actions that accreditation standards typically require. This includes:

  • Measuring and reporting performance
  • Making therapeutic recommendations
  • Assessing and reassessing patients
  • Engaging in timely interventions
  • Collaborating with physicians and other healthcare providers
  • Meeting URAC, ACHC, and CPPA standards
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The Bottom Line: Why Choose TherigySTM?

Quite simply, TherigySTM—the most comprehensive, most patient-centric therapy-management solution—enables you to provide the best care possible for all of your patients, because TherigySTM has been designed from the ground up to: 

  • Deliver high levels of business success
  • Maximize your clinical performance
  • Help you to significantly improve patient outcomes
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